We are thrilled to announce our guest instructors

Riser Ros & Leonardo Ost!

Based in Barcelona & Rome, Roser and Leo have been teaching iconic Lindy Hop workshops across Europe. Their vibrant and playful style have inspired dancers around the world, we are excited to have them in Halifax!

Leo is Italian, from Rome, and Roser is Catalan, from Sabadell. They both have background in pedagogy, coaching essentials, didactic and education.

Apart from teaching regular classes and workshops across Spain, they also travel internationally to teach, perform and compete regularly. In 2018 for example, they taught together in international events.

Roser & Leo are specialist in aerials and dips & tricks, they also really enjoy dancing to mid-slow tempo to play with rhythms, slides, counter balance and different shapes to explore maximum expression of the Lindy conversation.

Photo credit: Swing Out Costa Brava 2018

Photo credit: Swing Out Costa Brava 2018