Weekend Workshops


Please note that the minimum requirement to participate in the workshops is Lindy Hop Level 1—but everyone is welcome at the dances!  If you are unsure if this applies to you, please contact us.

Friday: All levels

18:45 - 19:45 Solo Jazz Routine:
To open our weekend of workshops, Roser and Leo will be teaching us a very special choreography routine created for us with love. This will be a chance for us all to dance together and start seaside shimmy with the essence of Lindy hop energy and rhythms. The routine will be short enough that whoever would like to can demo it later that night!

Saturday: All levels

10:00 - 11:00 Lindy Partnering:
There is what you see from the outside when you look at a couple dancing, but what about how the dance feels? In this class, we will learn about body awareness & control and pair that with connection, technique and inner dynamics so that we can move with confidence, flow, and connectivity.

11:15 - 12:15 Movement Break-Down:
What are “moves” actually? We can always break down movements into smaller parts. For example, if we break fundamental moves into two counts and look at them more closely, we can then reuse those parts, add them elsewhere, and voila, we have created our own new moves.

13:30 - 14:30 Delicious Dips & Tricks:
Ever find yourself wanting to add flair to a sweet break in the music or swift dip to finish a song? Roser and Leo’s specialty are dips and tricks, and they have lots of material to share. We will learn proper control, prep, and safe execution of some fancier movements to add to the dance.

14:45pm - 15:45 Variations:
We have some lindyhop basics, but what if we emphasize different rhythms? The goal for this class is to let both follows and leads listen to the music more and not just do a move in the way they’ve always done it, but change it up based on what’s happening musically. Even with small changes, we can shift the feel of our moves into something new.

Sunday: Intermediate

11:15 - 12:15 Lindy Conversation:
Lindy hop dances can really be a beautiful conversation with your partner. We will work on how to better communicate and listen to your partner thought the music, while both follows and leads actively create. We will figure out the right ingredients to make a space where you can continuously inspire your partner and get inspired by them.

13:30pm - 14:30pm Followers’ Initiatives:
Follows might be used to mostly listening, but within the follower’s role there are opportunities to shape and change the dynamic of the movements and dance . They can suggest different ideas, all while keeping the flow. Leads will learn to listen to their partners, being aware of what follows need in order to support their ideas, and then create new ideas on top of that!

14:45pm - 15:45pm Tasty Tricks:
Roser and Leo have some special tricks up their sleeves, which are always fun to add to one’s repertoire. Did we mention they are super excited to share their creativity around tricks, as they have lots of material? Learning these tricks will also incorporate proper connection, communication, and timing.