We dancers love a good floor and a nice ambiance - it is why we picked our venues with care for Seaside Shimmy.

Read below to know about the venues for our weekend - a map is available at the bottom of the page.

Venues for the weekend include 

First Baptist Church Hall, a large space, beautiful flooring nearby the Dalhousie Univeristy campus;
1313 Hollis, a charming space below an art gallery in the beautiful downtown Halifax;
Blue Apples Cafe, a central location in the heart of downtown - the night features a live blues band;
McInnis Room at Dalhousie University, with a large dance floor, bar available - featuring a live big band;
Wired Monk Cafe, a quiet cafe downtown, neighbors with 1313 Hollis near by the beautiful Halifax waterfront.

Wondering where things are located in the city of Halifax? See our map by clicking on the button.