Short Breath Showcase Competition

Have you ever wanted to showcase your lindy swabbing skills and talent, or get silly and creative with your dancing?

Do you have a catchy sea shanty that's been stuck in your head for AGES?!

Are you interested in getting into choreography or performing but don't know where to start?

The Seaside Shimmy Short Breath Showcase is for you!

Your performance should be 30 seconds long (we'll give some leeway up to 45 seconds). You could also do it solo, with a your first mate, or even a capable lindy crew! #squadgoals

Basically: Pick your favourite song, your favourite part of the song, and fill out the form to register before midnight on Monday, October 15th.

The competition is open to ANYONE. If you're a but a new lindy sailor: Cool. If you’re an experienced sea dog: Also cool. Participants will receive one 20 minute session of feedback and advice for no extra gold!

PLEASE NOTE: Performances should be original routines, ie., not copied directly from a video.

Example 1: 30 seconds from the Shim Sham routine to a different song = NOT COOL

Example 2: Moves used in the Shim Sham routine, in different sequences to a different song = PRETTY COOL!

What are you waiting for?! Heave away!

- 30-45 second showcase of your original (not directly copied from others') choreography
- Open to anyone
- Solo, partnered, or team
- Registration deadline: Monday, October 15th