What competitions will there be at Seaside Shimmy?

Short Breath Showcase Competition: Open
Friday, November 15th

Have you ever wanted to showcase your skills and talent, or get silly and creative with your dancing? Here’s your chance with a thirty second showcase—open to ANYONE! More information here!


Mix & Match Competition: Open
Saturday, November 16th

A classic competition always exciting to participate in and watch. Dancers getting randomly paired together—even if they've never danced together before—and cut a rug! Prizes: discount coupons to events and/or classes! 



What is a Mix & Match Competition?

Formerly known as Jack & Jill competitions, as invented by swing dance legend Jack Carey in
the early 1950s, in this contest dancers rotate to partners randomly drawn. Dancers of all levels
are encouraged to enter the Mix & Match (M&M) competition. The focus is on social dancing and
improvisation. Leaders and followers are randomly matched and they dance to music they don’t
know beforehand. M&M competitions are very popular in the swing dance world and are first
and foremost about having fun on the dance floor while spontaneously dancing with a variety of
partners. Participants will be judged as individuals in the preliminary round and as a couple in
the finals.